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20 May 2018
I’m a big fan of waffles n pancakes; so, I’m very happy to see vegan

versions. And, maple syrup is the perfect addition to waffles n pancakes. #crfsg


1000% recomendados!!! Maravillosos❤ de 3 a 5 tienen una promocion que por 9 dolares tienes

un plato principal y waflles😉

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So happy they have vegan waffles - and the traditional type us Singaporeans remember.
I find

it a little more moist than the non- vegan options but I love that it’s less sweet and and texture is still pretty decent.
I got this one plain with just bananas because I didn’t want it any sweeter.
Great for a quick snack - I had it for dinner 😂
Would highly recommend trying!
#dessert #waffle #snack

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Definitely the one for any chocolate lovers. Very sweet, very very very chocolatey! Good to

share and that’s what I would recommend.
Waffles were soft, not too sweet and fluffy which went good with the Oreos and chocolates.
#dessert #waffle #chocolate

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These waffles are on point! Crispy exterior, soft interior. The citrus from the mango goes

really well with the coconut flakes and the sweetness of the gula melaka syrup. #crfsg

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Still the best vegan waffles I've ever had. Even more with gula melaka 🤤 This

was under the $9.90 afternoon tea set! #crf

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Heard lots of rave reviews about this waffle as apparently it's considered pretty good for

vegan waffle standards. Sadly I was underwhelmed and thought it was rather average compared to other non vegan waffles I've had #oppsy 🙊

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these coconut mango waffles were straight up AMAZING 💘💘 i don’t know how else to

describe them but they will have my heart forever!! i’m not giving it 5/5 only bc i doubt its nutrition #crf

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