Smokey Nachos and Guacamole

  • Is Smokey Nachos and Guacamole vegan? Yes! Smokey Nachos and Guacamole is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Best eaten with your fingers 🤠 can't go wrong with nachos and guacamole! I love

edamame beans and the bits of "meat" was a nice touch too #crf

No puedo venir a este lugar y no comer estos Nachos🤤 Son deliciosos!!!

Chips - good!
Cheese - good!
Guac - good!

you’re going to want one for yourself


#barfood #snacks

Topped with beyond meat, cheeze sauce and guacamole. This is really really good. You won't

believe the ground meat and sauce is vegan! It is cheesy, gooey, avocado-ey and hearty. #animalplace

You can order this from their secret menu. This is an excellent snack. Although the

chips and the "soy meat" are a bit salty, the vegan mayo and guacamole are really yummy. #crfsg

Delicious, one of their must-try dishes. Best for sharing as it is very salty. Many

ingredients including guacamole and mock meat. Shared it with @theminttobe #vegbuddies

This was my fav out of all the four mains we tried for the afternoon

tea set. Feels a bit guilty to be eating nachos as a main but it's so good! All the toppings were so yum, especially the smokey soy bits and the guac. Great for sharing among friends, though you probably won't feel like sharing it once you've tried it! 10/10 would have this again 🙌

These were so delicious! I ordered this as a main dish, and it was really

satisfying. The toppings and sauces all went really well together, and the chips itself were also really crunchy and has a nice taste (not sure if they make it themselves or buy it?) I also thought this was healthier than other nachos, which can be too cloying after a few bites. Likes the addition of the cabbage and edamames to make me feel a little healthier 😂

Omg this was sooo delicious! Nachos with the vegan cheese and lots of ingredients including

guacamole and edamame! The mock meat was so yummy!

It's really good for a vegan nachos. The tortilla chips were different and really grainy

which I liked and the sauces and other toppings were quite nice

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