PowWowBao Burger

  • Is PowWowBao Burger vegan? Yes! PowWowBao Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The jackfruit is so savoury! I am so amazed on the idea of using jackfruit

as a meat alternative. Very creative! #crfsg

Fresh pulled jackfruit burger with smoked tangy marinade is to die for! Unripe jackfruit has

been one of the best textured alternative to meats. With gherkins, vegan cheese sauce and tomatoes, it's my go-to for burgers. Sides of Italian pasta salad.

Same as the Pow Wow Jackfruit burger but in a wrap form, I love the

burger but the problem was that it was always too big for me. This however was perfect! I have the side dishes to my friends instead but I enjoyed the wrap so much!
Same flavours, It was healthy, I felt satisfied and I even went for a workout after and it gave me so much energy!
#wrap #salad #jackfruit #healthy #singapore

I take the worst food photos to please forgive me.
This burger is 1000X better than

it looks.
I wouldn’t ever say jackfruit feels or tastes like pulled pork. It’s magic as it is.
Flavours are strong and delicious. The vegan cheese they make really feels like the real deal. Like a cheesy sauce and honestly I wouldnMt complain at all. I prefer this to vegan patties so this burger is a win in my book. Very large serve and super filling especIally with the sides !
#burger #cheese #jackfruit

So many vegan burgers these days how can you ever be disappointed!
I love this burger.

I get iffy about parties so this one was perfect.
Comes with pulled jackfruit, vegan cheese and greens.
Honestly really great. It’s very filling with the sides and I would always suggest it as a good big meal option.
I usually pick salad and seaweed chips. Hard to go wrong with that

Primera ves que pruebo el jackfruit y se pasó pa rico!! Ultra sabroso y jugocito

! Estaba más que buena la hamburguesa

Thanks @meowmeowfuzzyface for motivating me to go ❤️

Love this burger. Juicy and savoury at it's best. Would really recommend this one. It

comes with 2 sides of your choice : penne pasta, chips, salad or potato.
I had potato and salad.

This was pretty good. I’m however not sure what the jackfruit is supposed to taste

like. While the mayo is a great condiment in this burger, the pickles weren’t. The taste of the pickles were overpowering and I couldn’t taste much of the jackfruit. I loved the bread tho. I would eat it everyday if I could.

It was nice and quite original but not as good I expected, based on the

I liked the jackfruit’s texture but the sauce was overwhelming and covered the taste of the other ingredients. I would have liked it a bit warmer as well.
I had potatoes and garden salad as sides. I really liked the sauce on the salad and the potatoes were nice but slightly undercooked.

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