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  • Olive Rice Buddha Bowl
  • Olive Rice Buddha Bowl

Olive Rice Buddha Bowl

by Well Dressed Salad Bar


4.58 (23)

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12 December 2018
Well Dressed Salad Bar & Cafe 🥙🍔🌯🍰🍩☕️🍵🍋🥑 @welldressedsaladbarsg |

3 bean party,

fresh corn 🌽, carrot 🥕, purple cabbage, smoked mushrooms 🍄, tofu scramble and creamy guac 🥑 on a bed of fragrant warm olive rice 🍚

Yummy!! Love it!! 😋


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I would give this 5⭐️ if not for the fact that it was WAY TOO

DRY. I had to add quite a bit of curry from @cleameyer’s Tempehrature Bowl in order to eat it comfortably. It tasted great; olive vegetables were fantastic! Good mix of ingredients; nice tofu scramble and avocado and delicious mushrooms! I would prefer cooked veggies than raw ones in this; they felt a bit out of place. A good filling meal overall. There was a lot of rice; a bit less rice and a bit more dishes would be nice.

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$10.9! gosh I’ve been eating good veg food I’m living. this was so amazing and

such a comforting bowl of rice. the mixed beans are missing here because they forgot to put them in but they gave them to me after they realised! the mushrooms were really good and had the amazing umami taste hoho. everything else was very fresh and the rice🤩 it wasn’t oily and salty like most olive fried rice and it added a really good depth of flavour. this isn’t the usual Buddha bowl and I highly recommend🤤

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This was the very first dish I ordered during my first visit to WDSB a

few years ago and it’s still my fave thing to eat despite their extensive menu. I just love olive rice too much – theirs has the right amount of oil and flavour, and mixes really well with the rest of the ingredients. Just wish they could be a bit more generous with the tasty scrambled tofu and shrooms 😋🙆🏻‍♀️

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When you can't decide between having Eight Treasure's olive fried rice or Well Dressed's Tofu

Scramble (anything) THIS IS THE EQUALISER and may very well be the best Buddha bowl I've ever had!!!! I must know what mushroom this is...

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Great dish, I substituted the olive rice for salad but they still have me the

oil and seaweed that dresses the rice on the side. Love this scrambled tofu - satisfying every time. Also great mushrooms.
My eco rating: 🌍 no disposable to dine in, water refill station, encourage BYO and also enable barePack.co!! Just need to get rid of bottled drinks.

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