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Matcha Latte

by Well Dressed Salad Bar


4.40 (10)

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11 April 2019
Love that you can choose between oat, almond and soy milk for this! Went with

oat milk and was really good though slightly on the sweet side but not unbearably sweet like those nasty brown sugar bubble teas sprouting up everywhere. The matcha taste was v strong yet not too bitter. I would get this hot or with less ice next time cos once the ice melted it got diluted real quick :(

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I ordered this with oat milk, because since it’s so rare here you gotta take

every chance you get! Unfortunately I didn’t really taste the oat milk, the matcha was a little watery and it was too strong and powdery for my taste. Guess it was still healthy tho, sooooo🤷🏼‍♀️

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I enjoyed this, I love how you can choose from different plant-based mylks here. Nice

strong matcha taste would’ve liked it a bit sweeter.

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I got it with almond milk. It tasted diluted and matcha wasn't strong. Big thumbs

up for providing metal straws instead of plastic/no straw. A pretty big cup :)

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This is the level that matcha soy lattes should always be... I wish I didn't

shared this with my sister

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Soooo beautiful. Potent. One of the strongest matchas I have ever tasted. Best with almond

milk and a little agave.

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