Beyond Meat Asian Slaw Tacos

  • Is Beyond Meat Asian Slaw Tacos vegan? Yes! Beyond Meat Asian Slaw Tacos is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

These were unlike any tacos I’d ever had, which was very much appreciated! Great blend

of Beyond Meat, hummus, and veggies.

Wow I loved this! The beyond meat was flavourful and is a great tasty vegan

option. Not everyone enjoyed it though, some felt it resembles meat too much.

I wanted to try it mainly for the beyond meat but omg. This blew me

Came with colleagues for a farewell lunch/tea and this was way beyond what I expected. Everyone agreed this tasted AMAZING!
Felt so healthy, was a good serving size and the flavours were great even for something so simple!
Colleagues agreed it was like real meat’ 😂
I would highly recommend it!
#beyondmeat #healthy

This one has a lot of potential for improvement. I think replacing with another kind

of taco tortilla and adding some tangy flavours will improve this! But I like that you get three tacos in a plate and it’s really filling. #beyondmeat

Firstly, I like that the neh neh taste of this beyond meat is not as

strong as the one from SaladStop. (Somehow people seem to know the meaning of "neh neh taste" without me having to explain it.) The slaw was nice too with just the right level of tanginess for me. I felt that the taco shell could have been toasted or something as it was kind of soft and...limp 🌚 Overall could maybe benefit from more spices 🌶 but still not bad and pretty good value since you get 3 tacos if you choose it as your main for the afternoon tea set.

I didn't really like this either 😭 but it really depends whether you're a fan

of beyond meat or not. I find the after taste of beyond meat quite overpowering and because these tacos had a generous portion of beyond meat filling (which is great if you love it) I wasn't a fan. Personally I feel like reducing the amount of filling slightly and adding more spices to the meat plus crunchy veggies alongside would make the tacos amazing!

It was kinda sad, the taco wasn't soft, it was kinda stale tasting? The filling

is just coleslaw and pieces of beyond meat. The beyond meat was good, though. I had mild meat cravings afterwards which was uncomfortable for me but says a lot about the fake meat.

My family really enjoyed this. A new mix to your usual vegan beans/salsa/guac taco. Only

down side is that the soft taco got damp really fast.

Exciting new afternoon tea menu daily from 3pm to 5pm! Value for money. At $9.90,

you get a main and a dessert or drink. See photo for menu.

It was value-for-money as part of their afternoon tea set! The beyond meat patties and

veggies complemented each other well.

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