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Yasai katsu curry

by Wagamama


4.44 (37)

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13 November 2021
I love everything about this curry from the sticky rice to the wonderful sauce.

This restaurant has always served wonderful vegan dishes and 50% of their menu is. Go check it out.


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15 March 2019
Wagamama has really stepped up its vegan menu recently and it is AWESOME 😍 this

is seitan and it is so so good!


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23 January 2021
My go-to dish at wags!

The veg is so soft and coated perfectly, and the sauce is always delicious. Comes with salad too and a dressing that gives it a nice bit of flavour 😋 #veganuary #wagamama

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23 January 2020
First time having this as I normally get ramen and it was delicious!!

You get so much for your money as well. It can get a lil heavy towards the end but you just gotta power through ☺️

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12 December 2019
I love seitan so the vegan Katsu was a must try for me!!

I was pretty impressed! I make Seitan at home and i can say that this was up there with mine. Perfect crunch with the perfect thickness of...

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17 November 2020
I absolutely love the katsu curry at shijo but for some reason I never find

the one at wagamamas as nice, but my girlfriend loves it so i guess it’s a personal choice!

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23 August 2020
Everything about this curry was brilliant, for years I’ve never liked curry and always

apprehensive to try that was until I took the plunge and had this amazing Curry. Beautiful presentation and taste, the textures were perfect and I was amazed. Will 100% order again, worth my every penny.

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31 August 2020
A nice katsu curry.

The sweet potato, aubergine and butternut squash was delicious in the crispy panko breadcrumbs. Would have liked for more Katsu sauce as the vegetables and rice soaks up a lot of the sauce. I’ll ask for extra katsu sauce next time 🍛

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8 April 2019
Had an AMAZING meal at @wagamama_uk with the family.

So happy to see a vegan menu there now! I had the Yasai Gyoza 🥟 to start and the Yasai Katsu Curry. Honestly I wish I could eat there...

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16 April 2021
I really wanted to love this as I’ve heard good things about Wagamama but

this dish was not it for me. The taste wasn’t right for me and the price wasn’t cheap. Shame :(

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