by Wagamama
4.51 (81)
  • Is Vegastu vegan? Yes! Vegastu is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The vegastu is absolutely amazing with a rich flavour palate and a large portion, served

with mixed salad leaves and pickled red onion.

Amazing dish! Really filling and great portion size. The seitan has a nice crispy panko

breadcrumb coating and the katsu sauce is so delicious. The value for money is pretty good considering the portion size and how filling it is. Only thing I would say is I’d prefer it to come with more sauce for me personally , you get a lot of rice and dish can get slightly dry. Would buy again! #veganuary #wagamama

Vegastu from Wagamama is decent lunch / dinner time main course with seitan and bread

crumps mixed with brown / white rice. It had wagamama flavoured sause and comes with salad and sause in separate bowl when orders as take away. Quite filling but eat it hot don't freeze it to eat later. Comes with a big bowl although plastic can be recyclable and reused as container storage.

Wasn’t a big fan of the dish: I ordered the vegetable version so it was

filled with eggplant and sweet potato katsu. The japanese curry didn’t taste anywhere near authentic. Portion was really big though and it tasted decent! Maybe the other versions would be better 🤞

Rice with curry. Nice size dish. A little spicy but not too much. It also

has chunks of jackfruit or soya - not sure. I would recommend. If you are hungry, this will fill you nicely.

The breadcrumb-crust goes a bit soggy under all that sauce. I would’ve expected to feel

more satisfied considering the high energy content of the dish. However it’s a treat for the taste buds and would have again #huntsabs

A decent dish but I think I would have preferred the katsu made with vegetables

rather than seitan. Yo! Sushi's pumpkin katsu curry is the best I've tried to far, I love the soft, sweet pumpkin with the crisp coating paired with the katsu sauce, so maybe the vegetable version would have been more like this. I had never tried seitan before and it was ok, definitely filling and the sauce and rice were nice but I've had better vegan meals so I'd only give it 3 stars overall. Might try the vegetable version next time but my fave Wagamama dish is still the kare burosu ramen, which I would recommend over this.

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