Mango & Matcha Layer Cake

by Wagamama
4.62 (13)
  • Is Mango & Matcha Layer Cake vegan? Yes! Mango & Matcha Layer Cake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Fab dessert!! Great to have something more exciting than the usual vegan dessert offerings!! 💚🌱

In years gone by, Wagamama haven’t had a particularly great vegan dessert offering, but the

Mango & Matcha Layer Cake just about buys them forgiveness.

Matcha cream, vanilla sponge, yuzu cream, mango & passion fruit purée and raspberry compote. A little slice of heaven!

Creamy yet tangy, and not too big after a main course.

This is a favourite!


This cake is so delicate and the balance of sweetness from the mango cream and

acidity from the raspberries is so good that is almost impossible to resist! #santuariogaia

this was divine, so creamy and mangoy wi ty just the right amount of raspberries

on top. the price is the only reason it’s not getting 5 stars 🥭 #huntsabs

Really nice! The raspberry compote was very fresh and fruity and the Yuzu cream added

a nice texture

One of the best cakes I've ever eaten. Such a unique and flavourful cake with

super creamy, soft, moist, spongey texture. It is literally heaven. The huge downside is the price, it is very overpriced for the size you get.

Very tasty and great flavour. Soft cake and nice layers. Very enjoyable! Don’t often have

room for pudding but this is a must if we do!

So refreshing light and creamy. Such a luxurious pud the matcha layer is a lovely

touch. Could have easily eaten two portions 😛

Really impressed by how soft and creamy this was, considering I’m not a fan of

matcha this is now one of my favourite desserts

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