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Stranger Wings

by Virtuous Pie


4.90 (4)

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29 November 2020
This consisted of bianca sauce, spicy buffalo cauliflower, crisp fried shallots, blue cheese drizzle, and

scallions. The buffalo cauliflower had just the right amount of heat and a pleasing crunchiness that was complemented by the rich and creamy bianca sauce.

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9 January 2020
Every time we are in Portland we visit Virtuous Pie...and this pizza is one of

our favorites. Spicy buffalo cauliflower on thin crust pizza...I’m in ♥️

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5 September 2019
This pizza is full of flavor, not too salty or greasy.

It was not as spicy as I was expecting. I could've used a little more heat. I loved the thin crispy...

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20 June 2021
This pizza is a little spicy but so tasty!

The ranch and green onions are the perfect combo with the spicy wings.

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