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Garlic Knots

by Virtuous Pie


4.52 (5)

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16 July 2021
These fluffy, buttery house-made knots were sprinkled with 🐮-free parmesan cheese and served with

a creamy and tangy garlic ranch dipping sauce. They had an intensely satisfying garlicky flavor and were a lot of fun. #saveveganrestaurants

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26 April 2019
It’s rare to find really good vegan pizza...and vegan garlic knots!

Virtuous Pie does everything right! So delicious! From the dough to the cheesy garlic inside...they are served piping hot with a side of housemade ranch...yum!

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1 September 2019
Good flavor.

Loved the garlic ranch dipping sauce.

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28 June 2019
These garlic knots are SO GOOD!

everything you want in a garlicky app!

10 June 2019
Agree that it’s a rarity to find a restaurant serving yummy vegan garlic bread.

Virtuous Pie is the best!