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Everything we tried here was great but this was the winner for me - I

guess I love a really GOOD plate of fried rice 🤤 Spicy but not overpowering, flavourful, and had different textures. There's kangkung, tofu, and something else that we couldn't pinpoint cause we ate it all too quickly. All delicious hehe #abillionlove

Fried jasmine rice with kangkung, tofu and spices. Served with the same emping crackers from

our starters. Does kinda taste homecooked but not spicy as I hoped for. Very nice to see a restaurant offering this many vegan options! #veganuary

Not an original idea, it’s something you can have at a warung or at a

hawker food centre for less than 1/4 it’s price. However it is really delicious! I’m not a fan when nasi goreng is too spicy. I feel that the spice level here is literally perfect for me. Not salty and not bland either. So if you have low tolerance towards spicy food, give this a try.

Packs a punch on its own but also the perfect base on which to slather

on gravy and sambal. Others have said it’s not the most original dish but I think the flavour more than makes up for it.

This was delicious! Quite spicy for fried rice, but it was so tasty and had

a great combination of textures. Would definitely go back for this.

Has to be my fav dish! Classic, spicy, filling! Definitely will re-order.

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