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Philly Cheesesteak

by Vida's Plant Based Butcher


4.60 (4)

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14 October 2020
Again, delicious!

Thinly sliced "steak" grilled onions, mixed bell peppers, provolone, house made mayo on a toasted hoagie! This was another fantastic sandwich with great flavor. The "steak" cold cuts were really...

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23 March 2022
Sloppy classic.

Good chunks of veggie. Mayo sauce wasn’t cheesey but was creamy.

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11 April 2021
Meatball subs aren't usually something I eat but for some reason in the cold

rain this sounded good today. Meatballs were decent size, a little spice almost bratw flavored if I remember what that tastes like correctly. Overall pretty flavorful.

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10 October 2020
So good!

The bread was amazing and the peppers were cooked perfectly.

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