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loaded pierogies

by Vegout Bethlehem


4.75 (4)

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6 December 2020
i could eat these every night 🤤 i wish they were closer!

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16 September 2021
These were so freaking good!

Not as plump as the perogies I’m used to, but were absolutely amazing! And the toppings were 🥵🥵✨

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21 October 2021
Omg these are amazing!

I didn’t think I’d like them but they are so good.

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19 October 2021
Would it be vegout if they didn’t smother everything in cheeze sauce, bac’n, and

fried onions?? Haha this order of Loaded Pierogies was definitely an interesting spin on the more traditional polish version ~ the dish is very heavy on the toppings (cheeze sauce, parm, coconut bac’n, fried onion strips) but you can still taste the yummy cheddar-potato pierogi which I really appreciate. I personally like their buffalo style items better and would actually prefer an order sans anything because the pierogies themselves are wonderful and everything all together can be kinda a lot, but if you like those toppings and are in the mood to eat/share, they’re...

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