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Vietnamese Spring Roll

by Veggie House


4.24 (5)

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19 October 2021
Bulbous, fairly portioned with sweet and sour dip.

Would appreciate a pair of clean hands though.. couldn't rid the πŸ‘ƒ & mind of a certain stench and its got nothing to do with the ingredients πŸ™Š


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28 December 2021
The Vietnamese spring rolls are very healthy, generous with vegetables and wrapped with Vietnam rice

paper. The presentation at the restaurant is really good, but, when we ordered using Grabfood, they sticked together, and as you can see in the photo, it is one big mess.


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5 April 2022
This Vietnamese spring roll is very very nice.

Very soft n full of sliced veggies and dipped into the sauce !!! Oh so yummy yummy !!

Great as a snack or simply additional vegan food to go along...

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23 May 2022
I enjoyed this, nothing too special in my opinion.

Very standard Vietnamese spring rolls, and if you like salad in roll, this is what it is! But the skins break very easily and i feel they weren’t wrapped well

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20 April 2022
Contains plant based meat but not as good as kind bowl or naked earth

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