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by Veggie House


4.32 (5)

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20 April 2022
It is nice to have vegan rojak, a mix of fruits and raw vegetables.

My favourite is the chunky turnip. ❤️

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7 April 2022
I felt this was okay only… it did taste better with lime, but there wasn’t

much kick in it

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5 April 2022
I loved this dish.

Recommended by the owner, healthy foods and mixed vegetables

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5 April 2022
Yummy rojak from Veggie House.

Rojak means 'Mix' and it's a delicious traditional food in Singapore

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15 April 2022
Too much rojak sauce, causing it to be sweet.

There weren't any taupok or youtiao in the dish but they had crackers instead. Would be better if they used more unriped mango ast he sourness could neutralise some of the sweetness but they used ripe mangoes. Green apples were a little mealy.

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