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  • Tempura green bean stack
  • Tempura green bean stack

Tempura green bean stack

by Veggie Grill


4.48 (10)

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13 July 2019
great for sharing as a starter and sooo good!

super crispy and not too greasy. was nice with a bit of lemon juice

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13 October 2018
This is a great appetizer.

Sometimes you just need to treat yoursef to something fried. I especiall love the garlic ranch dipping sauce, I have no idea how they make it but it’s delicious!

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10 August 2019
I love these as a decent sized appetizer/small meal

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22 July 2019
I'm obsessed with Veggie Grill's tempura green beans!

They are very addicting. It comes with a lemon and ranch dressing.

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15 July 2019
Oh my this one is completely addictive!

Best thing in the menu IMO!

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1 April 2020
These were so yummy, in addition to the many dipping sauces they had to go

with these! 10/10

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10 December 2019
Tempura breaded green beans with vegan garlic ranch dipping sauce.

Crispy and delicious

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23 October 2019
So crunchy and best when hot!

Perfect with the ranch and lemon juice. I would definitely request more lemon to squeeze on to make this taste even better. Of course it's not healthy, but it's not meant to...

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5 September 2019
This is basically what our toddler ate because the “chicken fingers and fries” we ordered

for her were cold and tasteless (and the only “veggie” option on their kid’s menu was steamed kale, which most children would detest!) These are tempura breaded green beans, with grilled lemon/garlic/onion ranch sauce. More exciting than traditional fries and with a green vegetable too.

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5 September 2019
We always seem to order these.

Even our veggie-hating teen wolfs them down!


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