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  • Savory Kale Caesar Salad
  • Savory Kale Caesar Salad

Savory Kale Caesar Salad

by Veggie Grill


4.66 (7)

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19 June 2022
Healthy kale salad.

Not sure if it’s the same as the “Savory kale caesar”, because this one only has kale, croutons, dressing, vegan parmesan and grilled lemon. I think it cost $9.50. You can add different types of protein for 3+...

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30 March 2020
Gotta have one of the more healthy options once in a while.

This is a good go to!

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26 June 2020
This was a good salad.

I would be lying if I said it was as good as the Caesar salad at byChloe, but it still hit the spot.

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12 December 2019
My favorite salad at Veggie Grill!

I usually like to do the combo with savory kale salad and the vegan mac and cheese.

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31 March 2020
Delicious and creamy!

Hemp hearts on avocado, crispy chickpeas for croutons. Spot on salad dressing, without anchovies of course!

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31 August 2019
These croutons are bomb!

I got it with ranch instead bc I love it.


1 July 2018
Fresh and hearty, this was great with crispy tofu!

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