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Mondo nachos

by Veggie Grill


4.54 (14)

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26 June 2020
Who doesn’t like nachos... and this tasty vegan version doesn’t disappoint.

Lots of toppings: avocado, tomatoes, peppers, chick’n, onions, black beans, cilantro and queso of course. Serves two if you really want to share.

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4 January 2020
It’s an appetizer but can definitely satisfy like a meal.

I get mine with the crispy chick’n. And it comes with beans, crema, pico, olives, cilantro, & nacho cheeze.

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13 April 2019
Delicious plant based nachos, creamy sauce with tasty chick’n

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18 July 2019
So I wanted nachos, but for whatever reason they were out of chips and chicken,

so they substituted fries and barbacoa. This turned out great for me, because I ended up liking the barbacoa more than the chicken, and it was like chili cheese fries. It’s super filling even though it’s considered an appetizer, and the flavors of all the components mix so well...

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31 March 2020
Got these to go, they did a good job not letting the chips on the

bottom get soggy, amazing flavor! Vegan sour cream and crispy chikn

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2 June 2019

Flavoring on the cheese sauce and sour cream was really good. Also came with black beans, jalapeños, guacamole, and chickin. Great for...

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28 February 2021
Added some beyond burger crumbles, for a filling plate of nachos, can’t really go


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5 August 2020
The best food in the menu in my eyes!

I always order where I come to veggie grill

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1 August 2020
I really like these nachos and substituted the chips for fries

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8 April 2020
Satisfy your cheesy nacho cravings by having these.

With black beans and guac, this also makes up for the nutrition of being a snack. The quantity is also good for the value. Comes with Chik'n for protein.

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