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  • Mediterranean Supergreens Salad
  • Mediterranean Supergreens Salad

Mediterranean Supergreens Salad

by Veggie Grill


4.85 (4)

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1 September 2019
Awesome Nachos with everything, it’s a meal!
chickin' bites, creamy queso, sour cream, chipotle sauce,

salsa, beans, mashed avocado, jalapeños

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Another stellar restaurant, nothing on the menu is not delicious. Great food, friendly staff- overall

great experience.

5 May 2020
Pretty good! I really like hummus so this was a must try! usually, the bread

isn't as thick as it is shown in the pick but it turned out pretty good the day! i suggest you eat this right away because one time i put it overnight and ate it the next day and it was not to my fancy...and I'm a pretty easygoing person. Anyways, if you like Mediterranean foods this is a must! You can also sub other plant based proteins like grilled chick'n or tofu :)

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