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  • Choco Churro Sundae

Choco Churro Sundae

by Veggie Grill


4.00 (10)

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7 August 2019
These were my first vegan churros and they were wonderful!

Usually I am unsatisfied with the price and small portions at Veggie Grill, but this was $6 and definitely enough for two people! The ice cream was icy and not creamy, though. Other than that very good.

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1 January 2020
Like my other dishes from this veggie grill...pretty disappointing :/ To start, it was pretty

small, especially for the price, we were definitely expecting more. The churros & ice cream had weird textures & not great flavor. Overall was pretty underwhelming.

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1 March 2020
I didn’t really care for this.

The churros were rather dry, the ice cream was flavorless, and the chocolate had an odd/off flavor. #uplandspeak

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10 August 2019
Pretty Seasonal dessert!

3 varying churro pieces, fried dough sugared. Vanilla ice cream. Chocolate sauce all around

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10 July 2019
This could be so much better...4 small churros in a glass with 1 scoop of

ice cream & chocolate drizzle... $5.95. The ice cream needs to be creamier, it was on the icy side. There needs to be another component maybe a...

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9 April 2020
This was incredible!

I do wish the churros were a bit softer. The presentation was fun, but hard to eat 🤪 but who cares it’s vegan

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31 August 2019
Despite the gritty texture of the ice cream and the tough exterior of the churros,

this sundae still tasted very good! It was a good portion for the price.

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5 September 2019
This is tiny!

But very rich, so you probably don’t want more. The churros weren’t bad, but obviously weren’t freshly made. The ice cream is fantastic...

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29 August 2019
This is a good dessert to share as the serving size is really generous.

The churros are not the light, fluffy churros that I remember - rather they are quite dense and stiff and heavy, and aren't coated in enough cinnamon and sugar. The ice cream is an odd texture, and this dish would definitely be better if they used one of the big brands like SoDelicious. If you're craving a sweet dessert, give this a try, but don't expect it to taste like traditional churro or ice cream.

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