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Chickin’ Katsu Ramen

by Veggie Grill


3.55 (4)

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19 March 2020
Taste of the broth is really good and the "chickn" has a nice crispy crust.

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12 August 2019
I always try Veggie Grill seasonal menu items.

This ramen did not disappoint. The mushrooms were prepared with a Smokey rich flavor, the broth was delicious- noodles chewy. #sweetfarm

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5 September 2019
This was really disappointing!

I brought my sister and her family here for the first time and they were really disappointed with most of their food, which was quite expensive for the bad quality and small portion size. This “ramen” looked nothing like the photo and was pretty pathetic. The noodles were all broken, the mushrooms really chewy, and the broth absolutely disgusting — it’s like they took a bottle of soy sauce and watered it down. We barely ate this since it was pretty...

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1 September 2019
A bit overhyped about this.

chickin' katsu was good. roasted mushrooms were charred too much to my liking. edamame was also semi frozen, so I added the hot...

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