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Buffalo Wings

by Veggie Grill


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20 April 2022
The buffalo wings are good but I prefer getting the plain wings with a few

of their sauce for dipping. Chipotle aioli, bbq, buffalo sauce and creamy ranch are all good choices

#spicy #abillionlove #veganin2022 #veganisnotscary

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I feel the need to order them everytime I go, they taste amazing, the texture

is good and I really like the dressing, just wish they were a bit spicier. #VOMX

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The buffalo wings and the buffalo bomber sandwich both are crispy vegan chicken patties with

delicious spicy buffalo sauce and ranch that give these dishes an amazing taste. Both vegan/vegetarians and meat eaters love these two dishes!

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I usually order buffalo wings, but opted for a less spicy snack. As you can

see, I received an ‘ugly’ wing, and there wasn’t much dip in the container. I’m grateful there is an all vegan, fast food chain. That being said, there isn’t a vegan commitment by management or staff. Probably because there just aren’t enough vegans to fill jobs. And the preparation and delivery of my wings was sloppy and uncaring, at best.

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I had to take these home! The buffalo wings or boneless are to die foooor!

I definitely recommend you to try anything of their menu 😊🌱

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