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  • Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles
  • Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles

Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles

by Vege Pot 素砂煲


4.38 (8)

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19 April 2020
Super flavourful broth though a tad oily! Love the monkeyhead mushrooms inside plus soft tofu

:D Goes really well with yellow noodles & white bee hoon! #sgeats #soup

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Like any Penang style dishes, this Hokkien prawn noodles taste sour yet savoury. Filled with

fresh and cooked veggies 😍

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Didn't like this dish so much, had no idea prawn noodles would be spicy, I've

never had spicy ones before. Too spicy for me, I ordered almond tea with it. It didn't taste very prawn to me, I enjoyed the noodles, and they had soft tofu which was awesome. Good mix of veggies, they had some kind of cabbage that was pickled like kimchi, not very sure. They had a bit of mock meat but it didn't really resemble prawns. Pretty affordable at $3.80 but I'd probably order something else next time. They only have disposables now but it looks like they use the compostable ones.

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Another cold stormy weather which calls for a soupy dish.
Vege Pot has got that

very cosy home based feeling, and it's nice when u get d corner table watching the storm happening outside.

Simple dish, very home cooked. Lots of vege, tofu, and the only place that i like mock meat is here at Vege Pot, where they have this mushroom based 'meat'.
Soup is sourish but has that resemblance of a prawn taste to it and i dont know how they do it.

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Great value, good taste. The soup is rich, the noodles have the perfect consistency and

the veggies are fresh. The mushroom „prawn“ is the highlight, very tasty with a nice bite. Not my favourite dish at this lovely little restaurant but worth a try if you miss Hokkien noodles

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The broth is flavourful but slightly spicy, overall a good dish but could do with

a larger variety of ingredients

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