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Franks are always appreciated, texture is still interesting to me. Non-vegan friend liked it

These smoked franks are made of tofu and have a slight charred/smokey taste, very yums.

The texture’s pretty much like hotdog franks but softer.
They also have their tofu franks in a hotdog bun which is delicious 👌🏼🌭

Flavors are really there ! Like tbh it’s very similar to an actual meat sausage

(it’s not the same but tbh it’s a really good effort)

There’s like a smokiness to it that I really like and the actual vegan franks itself goes really well with the BBQ Sauce they provided

Texture wise, is definitely not the same as meat, it’s a bit more gelatinous than meat and it’s a bit weird but if u can see pass that, it’s still kinda similar but not the same

Is it worth $6? Idk tbh but like I haven’t had a piece of sausage in a while so... okay lah

Overall 7/10

I enjoy vegan Curry wurst from Berlin this comes close to it :) the

sausage used by veganburg is awesome! Really tender & not hard like some vegan sausages in the market! You wouldn’t know the difference.

I do not usually like vegan sausages (or any sausages) and have not since I

was a teenager.
If I were to compare, these would be a bit too soft for my liking based off of what a fresh sausage should feel like, but is quite spot on with a frozen sausage that you would boil and eat.
Still it’s a nice treat and the flavour is decent but I wouldn’t recommend it especially for meat eaters as they will say it’s weird.

Veganburg is my absolute favorite. They’ve been consistent over the years and produce the best

burgers in Singapore while always keeping an environmental focus. These Franks came with a nice light smoky flavor, not too dense to eat, and the BBQ dipping sauce was lovely as well.

Day5: Dear Vegans & Supporters,
Love the smoked franks! While it had the flavour and smell

of the normal meat sausage, it’s a little lighter in taste and softer. Made from tofu, it’s pretty authentic, really impressive! ♥️


Franks were quite springy, not like the normal mock sausages bought frozen from mock meat


I enjoyed the vegan sausage a lot.texture was good.i will order in future too.

my kids loved those and i had to re-order, good thing they have broccoli to

go with it

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