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I added the vegan ‘egg’. Impressive, as was the broccoli I had instead of the

fries. #crf

A joy to be spoilt for choice with the long list of tantalising plant-based burgers

at VeganBurg. I eventually decided on satay burger which was delicious. Will definitely be back to try other burgers.

First time trying this Char-grilled Satay burger. Nice contrast to the taste of soy patties

smeared with a spicy charred flavour satay sauce topped with a sweet & tangy pineapple slice, cucumber & lettuce. And with the seaweed fries as aside, we have a party going on.

#abillionlove #veganin2021

I’ve had this a few times, this time specifically I felt the flavours weren’t as

strong but that could be because by the time we got our burger it was cold. It was quite busy in the restaurant so that’s too bad. But normally the Satay peanut sauce is much more flavourful.
Just like having actual Satay.
I love veganburg and I gotta admit this one really felt like a meaty patty! The pineapple also added a nice kick to it.
Definitely would recommend!
#burger #asian

Amongst all the burgers I’ve tried from VeganBurg (which has been almost a weekly basis)

this one is my least favorite. I don’t hate it though and I think if you miss some local flavors like satay, it’s good. The satay sauce is spot on (I feel) and the pineapple was sweet while the cucumbers have a nice refreshing-ness to the burger. However altogether, I felt it didn’t work as well, but still really good. The patty was also good!!

For SG$ 11+, it was pretty worth it.

Overall: 8/10 🇸🇬 🍢🍔 #veganuary

Veganburg’s burgers are always on point. Super delicious and wholesome while satisfying the burger cravings.

Do top up $2 for their vegan fried egg which will blow your mind. 🍳 #veganisnotscary

The peanut sauce was perfect and mildly spicy, which gave this burger a kick

and made it very addictive! Loved the greens and pineapple in the burger that helped cut through the greasiness from the sauce. It is also nostalgic to be back after 3 years remembering how tasty their pineapples were, and still are :)

I wish the “meat” patty was a bit more firm and less grounded so the texture in each bite would appeal more to omnis!

Overall, the taste of the burger was phenomenal, closely mimicking omni satay dishes accurately!

Didn't feel like this 🍔 had a strong satay flavour that I was looking for.

There is peanut satay sauce, but it's kinda thin it dripped quite a lot. There's a meaty patty which is nice but it tastes of soy not so like meat, I think it's the combination as well. There's a nice pineapple ring. Overall I felt that this one isn't very uniquely satay, feels a bit all over the place without a key unifying flavour. The satay burgers at nomVnom with the marinated tempeh are great, those can be inspiration. 🍔

THIS WAS QUITE GOOD!!! really tasted like satay with the peanut sauce and the pineapple

added a good freshness to the burger hehe. my non veg mum ordered this and also marveled at the flavor, though she said that the texture was a little too soft and crumbly unlike actual meat, but still reminded me of satay anyway! slightly spicy but wasn’t too bad even for someone like who sucks at eating spicy food HAHHA $9.90 ala carte/with student meal

I loved this burger! Unlike most of their other burgers this patty had a darker

colour and perhaps tried to emulate mutton and had a different taste. For someone who used to dislike the taste of mutton when I was non-vegetarian, this did not make me feel like it was trying to simulate the exact same taste. I managed to enjoy the burger and it’s unique taste because of that. The peanut sauce went very well with the patty. I would definitely buy it again ☺️

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