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This was amazing!!! I tried Veganburg many years ago and I remember it being very

average but boy have they really improved!! The patty is both yummy, juicy and went perfectly with the cheese. The cheese is an add on but totally worth it and makes the dish really awesome!! Would get this again!! Can’t wait to go back and try some of their other stuff!! 😍


Now, you can pay extra and get the Impossible Burger patty instead of the regular

patty. I got the regular patty. The broccoli that youncan get instead of fries are tasty and cooked just right. #crfsg

A little #toohealthy for a burger 🍔😅 nice healthy avocado and beetroot but I didn't

feel that there was a real unifying flavour, it was a little all over the place. The patty was fried, it is nice. It is a nice burger to go for if you're looking for something healthy.

It was a good for a vegan burger. But I found it a little bland

and little dry! But you could do add on's which would make it a expensive. But definitely recommend this place for various vegan burger options. $12 for this burger!

Had a few different items, I enjoyed it all but i’m Not the biggest fan

of the patties. Still would highly recommend - items good for a treat!

My first time at VeganBurg. I like my veggie burgers to be clearly veggie, not

meat imitation and I chose the Avocado Beetroot which comes with a soy patty. Not my favorite kind of patty, so I was disappointed they had run out of bean/brown rice when I tried to substitute. (It was a busy night!) I ordered the set, choosing Sizzlin’ Broccoli (over seaweed fries) and Minty Thai Chiller to drink, which we were told was the least sweet, but I thought it still too sweet.
The burger came wrapped so I was held in suspense, waiting to see. Also, I went mayo-less, and while it probably would have added a complementary zing, the burger was delicious without it and the avocado served as a spread. I found the patty to be firm (but not crispy) and tasty, topped with fresh veggies. Tasty burger + crisp romaine + soft tomato + crunchy red onion + creamy avocado = mmmm. Surprisingly, I didn’t really notice the unique beetroot, but perhaps I was too googly eyed over the generous avocado.
Bread is not good for my body and I wished I had enquired if I could get a lettuce wrap instead. I have since read that I can on their website. Yay!
A great vegan fast food choice.🍔🥑#veganburg #singapore #sg #vegan #burger #avocado

This is officially my new favorite burger at VeganBurg. I was hesitant cus it looked

very healthy but god is this good. The perfect crispy patty mixed with the creaminess of the avocados and the vegan sauce, complimented by the crunchiness of the beetroots. This was honestly an 11/10.


#VeganLockdown #abillionturns3 #veganburger

If you’re looking for a big fat juicy burger this probably isn’t it but nonetheless

it was really quite yummy. Loved how crispy and savory the patty was, and the veg on top (including a healthy amount of #avocado) balanced everything out nicely! Super filling as well 🤤

#burger #foodcoma

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