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Cracked Mayo

by VeganBurg San Francisco


4.75 (4)

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22 March 2022
This place is amazing!

My sandwich, fries & shake were delicious! Can’t wait to try more items from their menu 💚

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19 October 2020
Very tasty!

Reminded me of a chicken burger. I ordered it with pickles. I must say these burgers are well put together too-- no...

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17 November 2019
I absolutely love veganburg in SG, and to go to the SF store was a

treat! Loved it so much, this burger is amazing. Like you have to go try it right...

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27 July 2019
Tangy, crunchy with a little kick.

Great option for a less messy burger. So lucky to have VeganBurg nearby ✅

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