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  • Fried Kway Teow

Fried Kway Teow

by VeganBliss 蔬福


4.90 (2)

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7 July 2022
Went to take advantage of their 18% off min 4 pax opening promo!

I really like their Chinese name 蔬福.

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17 November 2022
A rainy day is perfectly accompanied with a fresh and warm serving of Kway Teow.

It was cooked with tofu, mushrooms, spinach and served with a cracker and clear vegetable soup with carrots. For a dish that is generally known to be unhealthily oozing with oil, Vegan Bliss prepared this in a healthier manner with their generous serving addition of soy and vegetables.

The kway teow was recommended to me by a friend and so it was the first dish I...

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1 July 2022
Wokhey taste is there.

Like the cracker and soup pairing too!

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