Fried Kway Teow

4.60 (4)

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A rainy day is perfectly accompanied with a fresh and warm serving of Kway Teow.

It was cooked with tofu, mushrooms, spinach and served with a cracker and clear vegetable soup with carrots. For a dish that is generally known to be unhealthily oozing with oil, Vegan Bliss prepared this in a healthier manner with their generous serving addition of soy and vegetables.

The kway teow was recommended to me by a friend and so it was the first dish I tried. Looking forward to going back and trying more!

Went to take advantage of their 18% off min 4 pax opening promo! I really

like their Chinese name 蔬福.
Tastes exactly like Loving Hut’s version. My grandma loved it - she said it tastes even better than the non-vegan versions! And that says a lot coming from her!!

Wokhey taste is there. Like the cracker and soup pairing too!

Spicy kway teow rice noodles stir-fried with leafy greens, beansprouts, and fragrant tofu 'egg'. 🥢🍳

This was originally Loving Hut's signature dish; their chef taught VeganBliss how to cook it when handing over the business. Savoury and satisfyingly smoky (albeit slightly greasy) with the same great wok hey! Served with papadum crackers and a bowl of clear vegetable soup too. 🍲🌽🥕 Some of my non-veg family members found this too spicy though; not sure if it's possible to request a less spicy or non-spicy version. 🌶️ (Allium-free, $8.90) #sgvegan #chinesefood #noodles

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