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An amazing burger - vegan KFC style chicken served on a whole wheat bun with

lettuce, tomato, cheese, Mayo, hash brown potato and Mayo. It is so dam good! Amazing!

The OMC patty is amazing - perfectly spiced crispy batter, succulent and juicy texture. The

hashbrown and cheese make the burger complete and delicious

This burger is amazing, it's layered so well with the oh my cluck piece, a

hash brown and cheese. They also used a marinara sauce at the bottom of the bun, so you never feel like the burger is dry. #veganisnotscary

It tastes ok. The combo is not worth it as you essentially pay R60 extra

for chips and a little tomato sauce. Rather order burger only

Sadly they were out or arenchini balls and chili poppers so I had a KFC

burger. Was tasty and crispy but not my favorite, thinkni expected something else.

A KFC Vegan equivalent. Southern spice gives it the kick and flavour and the consistency

is very “meaty” which I like.

I was really excited to try this, I’m not sure if it just wasn’t my

thing but i didn’t love it. It was very interesting to see a patty that tastes and looks so much like chicken but I often find these types of things make me feel a bit ill after. The patty was quite small and I think the burger needs a better sauce. The chips really aren’t so great, a lot of places go wrong with their chips. Unfortunately wasn’t for me x

Pre ordered & collected the Oh My Cluck burger today … and it was amazing!!

The texture and crunch was so satisfying. How can you go wrong with a delicious hash brown and deep fried spiced chick’un on a fresh bun? The mash & gravy were insanely good! Hands down my all time best chick’un burger too date 🍔

Ok. So this was delicious! The texture was unreal and loved the hash brown combo

with the cheese, and the sweet potato bun was soft and yum (unlike most gf rolls).🍔🍟 Highly recommend you try it, but I feel it is quite expensive - so I put it down to a lovely treat. 💖

A big 🍔 with a good rendition of fried chicken, hash brown and ample garnish.

I could have used more mayo, but that is personal preference. Doesn't come with chips, which is a good thing, because the burger is very filling.

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