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8 June 2022
It was fried blue oyster trumpet mushrooms, jalapeños and onions.

The onions and jalapeños were just a side treat but the main focus was the mushrooms and they replicated kalamari very well. Fantastic! 🍄 😍

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26 May 2023
Tasty app to share.

There were so many interesting options on their menu and we ended up ordering too much food. Ended up taking most of this to go and it reheated well in an air fryer for a late night snack :)

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2 October 2022
This couldn't have been more delicious!!

Tender crispy fried oyster mushrooms along with pickled jalapenos and peppers fried along with them. Comes with an amazing dip (and they actually give you enough dip!). Sooooo...

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