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Jalapeño Poppers

by Vegan Korner


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19 September 2020
Super Good!

I was craving pizza and decided to try Vegan Korner and I’m so glad

we did.
This tiny restaurant is tucked away in a residential area of Colton. There is no seating and if there was before the pandemic it was probably only 2 tables at the most. But although they are small, this place is worth putting on your favorites list.
We ordered way too much food. Which we always do when going somewhere new.
We got a veggie pizza with soy pepperoni on half. Jalapeño poppers. House Salad with Italian dressing. And the garlic cheese bread. Total carb fest, but it was worth it. The salad was fresh and the dressing, although I felt it needed more herbs was light and tasty. The garlic cheese bread was so good I wanted to ask if it was real cheese by accident. But it couldn’t be as the entire menu is Vegan. The jalapeño poppers should be called small calzones or big empanadas because they were big. Filled with lots of Cheeze and jalapeños, they were outstanding. The pizza, was the weak piece in our lunch puzzle. We both felt that although it was delicious the sauce was a bit too sweet and we regretted getting the soy pepperoni. It added no flavor and wasn’t worth paying for. All in all, this was a terrific lunch and we look forward to our return.
While waiting I chatted with other patrons that had been there many times and both said the calzones are the best thing they make. I find that hard to believe after having the jalapeño poppers, but perhaps in lieu of pizza we’ll try the calzone next time.
Going back a second time, we got the veggie calzone and it was amazing. This is what I’ll get here from now on!!

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