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Beyond hotdog

by Vegan Junkies


4.60 (6)

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17 July 2021
Hot dog beyond del restaurante Vegan Junkies.

Está buenísimo!

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4 September 2021
Big hot dog, with loads of fillings and a big portion of fries.

If you like beyond sausage you will love these ones.

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13 May 2020
Foi a primeira vez que provei a beyond sausage e o que tenho a dizer

é que foi uma experiência incrível, sabe realmente a uma salsicha de carne.

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8 December 2020
Liked this a lot, the hot dog was a bit too spicy for me though!

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14 September 2021
My boyfriend was the one who ordered the hot dog, and although he loved it

he has one complaint: there were too many sauces and too much of each sauce, which became a little bit overpowering, and every time he took a bite a lot of sauce fell off. But very filling and the hot god was very good

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5 September 2020
Muuuuito bom!!

Sabores intensos, bom jogo de texturas, tudo o que se quer num hotdog! 🙏👌

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