Kara-age And Gyozas

4.73 (3)

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This was by far the best vegan karaage or "fried chiken" I've ever had! Wonderfully

juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside! Masaka became my go to place to meet with friends because not only is out-of-this world delicious but it's very affordable as well! Your not vegan friends will definitely enjoy it too. The atmosphere is exactly like a run-of-the-mill izakaya so you can experience the lively ambience! One thing worth mentioning, the restaurant has limited seating since it's quite small. On a busy night, it might be difficult to get a seat! Overall, recommended drinks place in Shibuya! #veganizakaya #vegankaraage #vegangyozas #shibuya #tokyo #delicious

O karage (originalmente é frango frito empanado), que na minha singela opinião é melhor que

a versão original, além de ser a versão não cruel. Tem algumas versões de molho para o karage, escolhi o molho tártaro, um molho agridoce.

I went to the vegan Izakaya with my activist friends after three hours of animal

activism around Shibuya crossing.  The small venue was packed with people on four tables including eight of us. We ordered lots of dishes typical in Japanese Izakayas,   including oden, karaage, kosogenmai, harumaki, potato salada, gyoza, agedashi doufu. He’s restaurant is filled with love. The staff is so friendly. I’m so happy this restaurant is successful. We need more vegan joints in Tokyo to spare more animal lives. One of our friends works at Whitely. So next time I would like to make a post about this beautiful restaurant on the seaside.

Delicious plate made from typical japanese ingredients amb dish. It is different from all other

restaurants because its a small izakaya and you can only taste the gyozas and kara-age. But for sure, you are not going to stay hunger...😋

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