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Most helpful reviews

That vegan fish tastes like heaven! Very nice place and people too, very quiet in

a such live place such as China town

Center has changed!! It is no longer a buffet! They said it was due to

decreased foot traffic over Covid and it hasn’t really recovered yet, so let’s get out there and support this place!

However, I would’ve liked the teriyaki fish and chicken satay in peanut sauce to not be swimming in oil…  but still pretty good. The sweet potato and potato mash could be a little bit more spiced; the raspberry and chocolate cake was freaking delicious! And ice cream felt like old times. I can’t remember what my friend ordered so the fourth dish is unlabelled.  the juice is the mind and body juice I think, I couldn’t find the menu online, so I don’t quite know what all these dishes are actually known as 

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