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by Van Leeuwen Ice Cream


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24 January 2021
These three cones were all for me.

My friends were sad but understanding.

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28 March 2022
Holy moly!!

The best vegan ice cream ever!? Was so good. I got the pb and honey and a chocolate fudge all vegan all delicious

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27 December 2022
No… Worst 10 bucks ever spent on food I think.

It just taste as straight out of a mid level pint bought at the grocery store (and I checked their ingredients aren’t anything to be excited), pieces half frozen inside, spongy consistency? it’s ok but would give attention to other types around here, like soft serve instead.

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22 June 2022
Unfortunately, this did not live up to my expectations.

It was sickening sweet, I was already ready for it to be done after the first 5 bites. Not worth the hype or the money, though they do have some fun flavors.

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21 April 2022
An amazing selection of vegan ice creams here.

I had mint chip, cookies & cream caramel swirl, PB brownie honeycomb.

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20 July 2021
What can I say Except that this is my favorite Ice cream place in NYC

and probably in the world?!

I had the brownie fudge with churro chocolate and my friend got cookie dough ice...

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10 March 2020
Cuacki 🖖

Les muestro esta maravilla de 🍦que comi en Van Leeuwen Ice Cream 😍 El mejor vegan helado que he probado, quiero flotar en él por siempre 🤤💖


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15 July 2021
Best vegan ice cream I know.

I love this place and I always buy them at home as well!

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