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  • Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl
  • Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl

Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl

by Van Leeuwen Ice Cream


4.29 (9)

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2 May 2021
Very sweet vegan 🍨, and a generous portion.

My serving had some freezer burn which diminished my experience. That being said, was very happy to see the wide variety of vegan offerings and ‘Vegan’ in their marquee. #abillionturns3 #icecream #vanleeuwen

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21 August 2019
Just wow!

I have never taste such a good ice cream before. And the whipped cream, speechless! #juliana

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23 March 2023
The ice cream was very good.

Kids loved it too. They have a really good selection of vegan ice cream and they are all delicious. Can’t really tell they are non-dairy like some other vegan ice cream.

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31 December 2019
This was pretty good.

Tasty though it didn’t taste much like caramel or cookies to me. Would’ve appreciated more flavor there.

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3 November 2019
Had been missing the ol’ cookies and cream.

Texture was not quite as creamy as their other flavors though

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23 August 2018
Van Leeuwen serves a great amount of vegan flavors in each of their locations.

Although dairy free, the ice cream is creamy and rich, great for a summer day snack. They are made from coconut cream, cashew milk, and coca butter. The Cookies & Cream Caramel Swirl in a sugar cone had a sweet caramel flavor and chucks of...

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13 August 2019
I love this places.

Is always full of people, this one was perfect #juliana

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21 May 2022
We ate our way through NY.

It was so nice to walk in to an ice cream shop and get ice cream. Delish!

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13 June 2021
The cookies & cream was so good but the CHURROS & FUDGE was to sweet

for me and the cinnamon flavor was a lot for me but I guess cinnamon lover will like it.

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