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Most helpful reviews

The Reuben is so temptingly delicious that I occasionally cheat on my favourite Philly Cheezesteak

with it 🤭 It's very meaty and oh so ooey gooey 🤤

I thought I already left a review but it's not showing. So if it shows

up twice I apologize but this is my comfort food this is the perfect healthy greasy dish that just absolutely satisfies everything you need. The staff is absolutely amazing and I always feel super comfortable and at home. If you want to try something that is super amazing this is definitely the dish for you I'm telling you I dream about this dish and I am so happy that these people have became a part of my City because I love them and everything they have to offer their super amazing sweet happy and very friendly you have to check it out if you have not already

It didn't really look like much but it was very tasty. The huge slice

of pickle across the top looked a little strange but yes, it was good, I would order again. #animalsnow

Missed reubens. This one had a lot going on in it for its size. It

would be nice if you toned down on the dressing and saurkraut or increased the size. I honestly thought I ordered a Montreal smoked meat sandwich at first for some reason because I had a craving in my brain and was confused. Add MSM to your menu! That would be neat.

Would definitely order this again. Great price and large serving.

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