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Ramen Tonkotsu

by V Ramen


4.55 (4)

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13 June 2021
Delicious mushroom based broth ramen.

I added avocado and edamame as extras. The broth was creamy and overall good taste. However, I did find it a bit overpriced for the value (toppings cost extra).

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1 August 2021
Absolutely delicious ramen.

Only criticism is that it’s quite noodle heavy and could use a few more veggies in there, but the taste is perfect.

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8 July 2020
Ramen con setas, el caldo es con leche de soya, lleva cebollín y papa.

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15 July 2021
Mi favorito!

El caldo es delicioso yblos fideos perfectos

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