Vegan Ramen

4.43 (45)
  • Is Vegan Ramen vegan? Yes! Vegan Ramen is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Ramen con caldo vegetal y miso, proteína de soja (Heura), láminas de bambú, cebolla morada,

pak choi, setas shimeji y maíz

Muy bueno, creo que también llevaba curry y picaba!!

Delicioso, picante. El pollo Heura en su punto. Los fideos y verduras bien hechos. Buena


Better than a lot of ramens I’ve tried in UK!
So much flavour and the chicken

alternative was really impressive in flavour and texture - not sure what it’s made of but I’ve only seen it in Spain.
Lots of veggies packed into it and feels very wholesome. Dishes are reasonably priced and the takeaway container retained the heat of the dish for over an hour too was was great. 10/10 recommend 😌
Would swap Wagamama for udon any day 😮‍💨

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