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Broth is sooo flavourful with plenty of roasted nutty black sesame seeds. Ramen texture is

chewy, a rly great option for tourists as they have quite a number of outlets in Tokyo!

Delicious... the flavour was amazing. One of the best ramen I have ever tasted🤤

A ramen that is flavoured with Japanese peppers and black sesame and is spicier than

the other options. The noodles are the thin type which is one of my favourites. The pictures in the menu make it look like the entire ramen is black but mine didn’t have enough black sesame to turn the whole thing black lol. Overall I really enjoyed this ramen and just when I thought I had had the best vegan ramen ever at Dashiro in Sendai, this ramen makes me think twice! I’m so glad for T’s Tan Tan for making such delicious vegan food for the people of Japan!
This dish was priced at ¥1100 which is very reasonable.

#veganjapan #japan #tokyo

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