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OMG this was easily THE BEST thunder tea rice I’ve had!!! 😋🍵 Had it takeaway

with the thunder tea in my box undiluted. I added some water cos it was too salty at first, but OMG, for some reason it is just so FRAGRANT nicer than other thunder tea rice!!! Be sure to tell them you’re vegan so they won’t put shrimps inside. What a deal for $4.50! Wouldn’t have know about this #veganheaven without @amindfulmiao’s recommendation! The serving felt a bit small partly cos it was #sogood I wanted more. I’ll probably ask for a bigger portion next time. #bestpicks #sgcheapandgood

Thunder Tea Rice #1 🍵 🍚
Planning to review a few around Singapore, so will

be tagging them with numbers.

Great value for money! My number one ☝️ go to for thunder tea rice. I’ve once had them 4 days in a row and they served every bowl on point! Remember to opt out the shrimps!!

• soup’s always hot
• plenty of veggies and in good ratio
• Rice is never under or over cooked
• and an additional vegan treat is the option for fried eggs with veggie 🤤

This was my first time trying thunder tea rice, loved it! Wish I would have

remembered to take a photo beforehand #thundertea #leicha

Comfort food [noun]: a warm hug from your stomach 🍲 This was one of my

fav renditions of thunder tea ($4.50 for brown rice / $4 for white rice) 🍘 — deliciously savoury & multidimensional with all the herbs & nuts without being bitter at all. Reminds me of Living Wholesome’s from Beauty World! 😋 The rice portion was on the smaller side but the soup was more gao than most other places ☺️ #veganuary

The best Thubder tea rice in CBD. The brown rice is really 100% brown rice,

not the 10-90 mix at Thunder Tree. Portion size is just nice.

Thunder tea rice is not for the faint of heart. It us green and leafy,

but if you like it, you will love it. This store's version of thunder tea is quite possibly my favourite in singapore, but remember to tell the owner that you want vegan option, otherwise he will add shrimps!

It was a nice combination of crunchy roasted peanuts and brown rice together with some

veggies and tofu to make a nutritious balance.

This thunder tea rice is personally the best out of all the ones I’ve tried

in Singapore. Friendly owners too :)

I really love this dish because it taste fresh, non oily and the green tea

soup is on the lighter creamier side

Pretty decent thunder tree rice and it is very affordable 👍

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