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Braised Tofu

by 擂茶树 Thunder Tree


4.60 (5)

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6 January 2021
Very good braised tofu with a homemade feel to it.

Yummy, hearty and tastes like home 💯💯💯

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1 January 2021
This bowl of braised tofu is the most pleasing, comforting dish.

Tastes like home, and brewed to perfection so it's neither too sweet nor too salty. Hits the spot all the time. Generous chunks of taukwa with beancurd skin and some...

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16 March 2019
The tofu was firm and has a nice herbal-like Asian flavor!

It is perfect to eat with rice. #crfsg

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2 October 2021
This dish is sublime.

Did not expect it to taste so good. The flavours are complex and not overwhelmingly of soy sauce. As good as it gets in some expensive Teochew...

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27 December 2020
$3.5! I personally thought it was too thick and sweet but it’s very similar to

the original I think and even has fake shredded pork? The gravy is so thick it looks like ramen broth

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