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  • Chipotle & Black Bean Wet Burrito
  • Chipotle & Black Bean Wet Burrito

Chipotle & Black Bean Wet Burrito

by The Wild Cow


4.80 (5)

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5 October 2018
Super good!

It’s definitely on the spicy side but the seitan is really flavorful. It’s basically just like a chipotle burrito but better and healthier! #vivavanderbilt

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31 May 2018
Chipotle seitan, beans, avocado, salsa verde and more inside, topped with vegan queso — this was

just bursting with flavor. No possible way to could taste better than it did!

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9 October 2018
Extremely filling and yummy vegan burrito!

Definitely has a little bit of spice to it and has a cheesy flavor. A great mix of ingredients all mixed up in a burrito! #vandyviva

4 October 2018
This burrito is very good and filling.

It is a little spicy for me. I love the queso on top of it! #vivavanderbilt

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7 September 2018

Can't remember the last time I had a wet burrito. What makes it wet is vegan queso and barbecue sauce. Side of pineapple...

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