Vegan GF Chocolate Brownies

2.40 (2)

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Probably the worst brownie I've ever eaten.

It managed to be wet on my fingers, but

somehow extremely dry in my mouth 🤔

When pressing it, there seemed to be some juice or oil maybe getting out, while when bitting it, it was just dryness, with a chocolate flavor.

It felt crumbly, super dense, weird and with a taste of cinnamon? Just why?

I've only out 2 stars for nutrition because at least it fills you up, which is surprising for the size.

Also the price is ridiculous, $5 for the smallest brownie ever, this thing is a joke.

#brownie #chocolate #glutenfree #badreview

It was dry and crumbly. And it felt really solid, but not in a dense

way that rich cakes tend to feel like. I wish they made it more moist. It wasn’t particularly flavourful. I think it leaned towards the salty side. I wasn’t a fan of it overall.

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