Cauliflower Wings

  • Is Cauliflower Wings vegan? Yes! Cauliflower Wings is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

First time eating cauliflower wings and TVGB did not disspaoint. Cant remember which 3 flavours,

but every one was delish.

I had the Korean bbq flavour this time. So so so good, perfect amount of

batter and not even a hint of sogginess.

The Thai Sweet Chili was such a yummy sauce for these deliciously crunchy wings. The

fact that they could get these so crispy on the outside yet maintain a soft inside is incredible. Plus, I had never had vegan ranch before and wow! So tasty.

Maple Sriracha flavour is fantastic. Quite hot, but the sauce cools it down nicely. Some

large, substantial pieces and some really yummy, smaller, crispy pieces too. Lasts well and even tastes really good cold.

These Cauliflower wings are really tasty and the dipping sauce is excellent too!

These sweet Thai cauliflower wings are always a favorite of ours!

So freaking delicious. Best dish they have. I find VGB can be touch and go

and these are a hands down good choice every time!

Nice, crispy and spicy. They also have a great dip to go with it.

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