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Most helpful reviews

5/5 these nachos are amazing. As a starter u can share it between 4

people but as I main between 2

Highly recommend this dish! Big portion size and really delicious. So happy to The Vegan

Chef Sandton in my area.

Not great - too much unnecessary sauce made the nacho chips soggy, the mince was

placed in the middle instead of layered, and the entire bottom was just lettuce, so not enough nacho chips.

Tasty nachos loaded with vegan mince. The addition of the veggies help cut the richness.

The Loaded Nachos was not too bad.

Maybe less lettuce and more Nacho's

This dish did NOT travel well, and a lot fell out into the bag -

messaged TVC to suggest they tape it closed for Uber Eats rather. It was also a very small portion for the price. It was mostly lettuce.

These nachos are amazing! The mince they use in this tastes so good, has a

good texture and is so so well seasoned

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