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tofu cheesecake

by The Plant Food


4.20 (8)

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4 August 2022
🧀🧁🌹 This is not my first time having this, but it tasted better than I

recall. I even asked the team if they changed the recipe. They said it could be due to challenge to keep the same consistency of the coconut milk/cream each time, so the texture can taste...

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29 September 2022
Chewy fibre-rich and flourless oat base, paired with filling made using organic non-GMO

tofu, totally oil-free. The recipe seems to have changed as it is now more smooth, creamy, and enjoyable! SNo overwhelming coconut taste and slightly citrusy, a classic among the four cheesecake...

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26 September 2022
Comes in a muffin cup ($4.50 nett)!

🌹 Very light and creamy & slightly tangy, with a earthy, nutty soft base that tastes like peanuts. Omni friend liked this & appreciated how it wasn’t too sweet! #sgbakes #sgcakes #cheesecake

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13 March 2023
My non vegan pal tried it and didn't find it too impressive but i

actually liked it. Wish the tiramisu was available

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18 April 2022
This was alright 😬 Didn't really like the oat base.

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2 May 2022
nutritionfied after this!

definitely a filling and satiating sinless cheesecake

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30 September 2021
Doesn’t look great but tastes quite good!

Healthy ingredients too.

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28 December 2021
Can’t rmeber but I think this is also $4.5 or $4.8 and sugar/oil/gluten free.

Super nice! Firm and not crumbly and really reminded me of real cheesecake. And this is soooo cheap for a vegan cheesecake I’ll def repo and force all my friends to try HAHAHAH

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3 October 2021
There is a strong citrus flavour which overpowers the entire cheesecake.

I think I also taste some coconut flavour which is also overpowering. The bottom has some biscuit base with some nuts. The top is a hardened piece of 'cheese' maybe due to refrigeration.

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