Sweet Potato Protein Brownie

  • Is Sweet Potato Protein Brownie vegan? Yes! Sweet Potato Protein Brownie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.67 (6)

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Gluten-free, oil-free, and refined sugar-free brownies! Made with Japanese sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds, and naturally

sweetened with dates. Also higher in protein with the addition of organic chickpeas and almond butter. The recipe has changed slightly so it now has a firmer and chewier texture that resembles conventional brownies more closely! Love the smooth ganache and hint of coffee flavour too. Somehow I like this even more than I previously did! ($4.50)

the brownie is flavor is so on point!
even though it is made from sweet


The classic chocolate flavour turned out to be my favourite (I thought it would be

black sesame)!

The sweet potato protein brownie was the most intense and textured (two qualities I personally prefer) among the 3. It had bits of nuts (walnuts?) and almond butter in the fudge and a melty smooth dark chocolate ganache on top. The sweetness seemed most balanced here. It's not as indulgent as a regular brownie but the satisfaction level is better.

I can proudly say I ate them all by myself in one sitting as a meal. 😛

#brownie #healthybrownie #healthyindulgence

I personally really love this brownie! made with super healthy ingredients like sweet potato and

chickpeas and is oil-free, but tastes really indulgent. this is very mildly sweet and has a rich chocolate taste. I think i can taste a slight nuttiness as well, perhaps due to nut butter being used in the batter. the thick fudge consistency is to die for (i love ultra fudgy brownies hahha). if you're a dark chocolate lover like me, you'll love this!

🍠🍫 I love how this can be sugar and oil free. I love how they

use sweet potato to achieve the sweetness and moist texture. I have a feeling it is gluten free, but I cant be absolutely sure. Please check if intolerant! And yes, just enough chocolatey flavour without being overpowering. I suggested them to try carob powder as a cocoa alternative. Just to have a flavour twist. Anyway, Enjoy 🤩

Really fudgy brownie that is just the perfect level of sweetness! Feels good knowing I've

sweet potato in it. Also chocolatey goodness!

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