Mala siew mai

  • Is Mala siew mai vegan? Yes! Mala siew mai is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.56 (11)

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Improved recipe is great. Non vegan pal loved it.. i just wish tiramisu wasn't sold


Fusion twist on #sglocal #halalcertified #ALTN meat-free soy protein siew mai! Doused in spicy and

umami housemade peppercorn mala sauce topped with chopped peanuts. The sauce was tasty yet not oily, which is what I usually dislike about mala sauce. Veg*n siew mai is honestly aplenty in the market, but this innovative mala version was definitely new to me, and was executed really well! My non-veg friend liked it too. Would love to see new dishes in the menu featuring this same housemade mala sauce, like a mala monkeyhead mushroom bowl or something hehe! (Contains alliums, $5.90 / 4 pieces) #sgvegan #womenowned

Omni sis found this to be pretty enjoyable! A substantial mala spice kicks in after

a bit of chewing.

$5.90 nett!


It tastes alot like siew mai! Not as chewy, but very convincing. ALTN apparently is

a brand of plant based meat by Tee Yih Jia which is a local Singapore food manufacturer. Quite cool that they are hopping on to the food wagon now too. The mala sauce wasn't very "ma" (numbing) so there wasn't that kick I desired. Overall it's a nice side at $4.90. Worth ordering.

it's been 7 years since I've had meat but this had a scarilyyyyy accurate 'porky'

smell. the texture was quite meaty too. the mala sauce was not too spicy, even for a spice noob for myself haha. would recommend this!

This is awesome too! Lovely umami punch in this meat-free siewmai in mala sauce. Drizzled

with peanuts too. 👌

By altn meat. Sooooo meaty it was really shocking, both in terms of taste and

flavour. I’d say it doesn’t quite taste like mala or real siew Mai tho but it’s good

The mala flavour was intense. An interesting side to round up the meal.

Super tasty, great stuff. love the spiciness of the mala. Will order again!

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